A Letter From Dalia

Dance With Dalia, LLC ~ Dancer & Doula

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Dance With Dalia, LLC

offers loving, fascinating,

dance instruction and doula support!

This is such a challenging time for us all. Quarantine belly dancing to the rescue!

Hello!  I am a proud mom to three joyful, rainbow babies!  I am also a DONA Certified, Postpartum Doula.  My dual professions are that of

Professional Dancer and Certified Teacher!  

My birth name is Jennifer, but my professional stage name, Dalia has become somewhat of an endearing nickname in other circles! 

I have lovingly cared for children, as an elementary school teacher for over a decade and have nannied during my college years, as well.  

Building upon my lifelong passion for dance,  I have gained certification as a Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Educator, adding to my teachings
as a seasoned Dance Instructor.  I am constantly adding virtual classes to my grateful schedule; theatrical, yet gentle, Adult, American Cabaret Style Belly Dance lessons for pregnant moms and new moms. 

Kindly, feel free to contact me if you are interested in online dance instruction or postpartum care.

We can lovingly share our experiences as mothers...as women...as parents. 

I look so forward to hearing from you.
Jennifer ~ Dalia

Lovely Women Everywhere:

This magical dance has long been associated with fertility and birth throughout history, it is safe and beneficial for labor and delivery!  The hypnotic benefits of this divine art form; hip circles and figure eights, just to name a few, deeply served all three of my deliveries.  Now postpartum, my love of dance continues to beautifully strengthen my mind, body and spirit connection!

If you are interested in having, virtual dance lessons or labor / birth readiness dance lessons, contact Dance With Dalia, LLC, today!