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Shim-Me ® Classes


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Pack a dance bag!  Fill it with passion, a coin belt and dance slippers!  Dance With Dalia, today!  Dalia's virtual classes and events will transform your spirit and ignite your femininity!

In relation to Dalia's classes, the cabaret setting is family centered and theatrical!  Dalia's classes are also budget friendly!  In addition to class offerings, Dalia also has her own traveling, revered dance troupe, "Dancers Under The Blazing Sunset!"

Why, SHIM-ME ®?
Each letter stands for something special; Self-Love,

Healing, Intuitiveness, Motivation, Movement & Empowerment! 

​T​​he beautiful world of Adult, American Cabaret Belly Dance,
awaits your presence!  Dalia's classes are rooted in classical dance technique, joyful choreography, prop usage, relaxation    and meditation!  The desired elements of cardio fitness, postural awareness, core stabilization, muscle endurance and overall strength, are also a large part of Dalia's instructional sessions!  This seasoned Dance Instructor of over 15 years, certified Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Educator would be honored to assist you in your journey through dance!

Women & Children

American Cabaret
Belly Dance Classes & Events are:

Feminine & Fearless
Enchanting & Empowering
Theatrical & Entertaining                                                          Life Changing

Previous Performances:
Lafayette Grill Restaurant
Marakesh Restaurant
Mediterranea Restaurant
Being in Balance Wellness Center 
​Dream Dance Studio
Flipped Dog Yoga Studio
Morristown YMCA
Nutley Elks
Chatham Library
Cedar Grove Library
Mountain Lakes Library
Glen Ridge School District
Upper Montclair School District Union School District
Scotch Plains Adult School
Westfield Adult School
Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub
Sparta Books
Sparta Avenue Stage
Wharton Fire Department
Countless Birthday Parties
Family Events & Dance Lessons

​​​​​​​​Here are some of Dance With Dalia LLC's

most treasured testimonials!

Please note, all testimonials have been used with enthusiastic & supportive permission.

Client Testimonials                                         (Family Parties)

Student & Colleague Testimonials
(Adult SHIM-ME ® & SHIM-ME FOR BIRTH Classes & Showcases)               

Parent Testimonials
(Doula Supported Family Visits)

Personal Testimonials


"Thank you so much for performing at our son's christening!  Your show was extraordinary and such a great surprise for our guests, both adults and children.  We were so thrilled at how the girls and boys of all ages, wanted to dance with you.  You were so very sweet to them all.  The music was really fun, too.  Thank you again for such a great performance, we loved it!"
Cindy, New Jersey

Family Christening

"I wanted to thank you again, for the wonderful job you did at Greyson's ninth birthday party!  Greyson had such a great time dancing with you!  She is still talking about it!  All of her guests really enjoyed themselves and had such a great time, learning how to dance like a professional dancer!  You were so terrific with the girls and so funny, too!  Greyson is waiting for you to call to take her on the road,       
with you!"

Melinda, New Jersey

Family Birthday Party

"We were just so delighted to have Dalia perform at our place of business!  What an amazing experience for our employees!  She is not only a dedicated performer and instructor, she is a much needed voice in our community!  Dalia is committed to creating a community of strong women and giving back to moms and children, we can't wait to dance with her again!"
​Local Business Owner, New Jersey

Adult SHIM-ME ® Class                                  

"What an outstanding dance teacher!  Dalia is so sweet and wonderful; you can't help but want to take additional classes with her.  I have learned so much and have had so much fun in just 8 short weeks.  Dalia has a special way about her that would make anyone, at any age, feel comfortable about learning how to dance.  You will not be disappointed!" 
Debbie, New Jersey

Adult SHIM-ME ® Class

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class.  As you know, I was fairly nervous.  I had contracted diabetes in October 2007 and by the time I started your class in December, I had gone from 127 pounds to 167 pounds.  I was depressed about the disease and the weight.  Exercise was difficult, my body was just not used to carrying that kind of weight around and all of it in my middle...American Cabaret Belly Dance indeed!  Your class cheered me up and made me feel better about myself physically & emotionally.  The warm ups and the dance steps were a great workout.  Your warmth & energy were a joy.  I would recommend this dancing experience to anyone.  Young, old, thin, medium, or overweight, just bring a smile you'll need it!" 
Melanie, New Jersey

Adult SHIM-ME ® Class

"I had a great time taking your classes in the spring session.  I only wish I would had started in the fall.  
The dances were so beautiful and I had lots of fun shaking my big hips! " 

Debbie, New Jersey

Adult SHIM-ME ® Class

"I always wanted to learn this style of dance, but, had my reservations. I thought I would look ridiculous (being 49 years old and overweight) and, as a result, would have a negative experience.  But, you made each one of us feel very comfortable with our bodies.  I loved the warm up routine and thought about it as a great body workout.  Some of the steps were challenging, but your gentle encouraging made us keep trying.  Thank you very much for such a positive experience!"  
Joanne, New Jersey

Adult SHIM-ME ® Class

"Dalia is a wonderful dancer who embodies the beauty of dance!  She has a true gift for working with children and adults.  She is incredibly warm, patient, and enthusiastic.  Through working with Dalia, children come to love and appreciate all art forms!"  
Leora, New Jersey

Dalia's Wonderful Colleague & Talented Friend 

"Dalia puts her whole heart and soul into motherhood and all that it entails.  She is kind and gentle with both baby and mom and can put both at ease.  She is a wonderful, loving mother to her own children, but also shows a deep caring and connection with other babies.  As I have been raising my first child, Dalia has been a constant source of support, providing a loving, patient ear for all problems and concerns along the way.  Now, as I await the arrival of my second child, I know I will again turn to Dalia, for guidance and support."
Lauren, Loving Mother

Postpartum Support

"As a mother to six children, I thought I had known all there was to know about the early days of life with a newborn baby.  The concept of a doula was new to me and one I was not all too familiar with.  Dalia came to our house, when our newest son was 8 weeks old and worked with us until he turned 12 weeks old.  I wish I had known about doulas sooner.  What a blessing Dalia was to our family.  She was born to be a doula.  Dalia is a care taker and sympathetic person.  Dalia assisted me with meal preparation and cleaning up.  She lent a hand and rocked my baby...even took my other children outside, so I could talk to my husband, uninterrupted at the end of the day.  She spent time with us as a family and offered local referrals; support on sibling adjustment and breastfeeding.  Now that Dalia has been here, I don’t know how we ever managed without her!"
Katie, Joyful Mother

Postpartum Support

"I wanted to write to share the experience I had with Dalia, who spent time with our family as our doula.  My husband and I were a bit overwhelmed with having a newborn and a two year old running around the house!  So, I reached out to Dalia.  Dalia went above and beyond anything we could have imagined from our initial conversation to the end of her time with us.  I wish I could write a paragraph on everything that Dalia did to help not only me but my entire family, but that would end up being about 20 pages long!  So instead, I will list some of the other support she has lent to us.  She made us two absolutely delicious meals, she gave me a list of local referrals, helped with tidying, gave me different techniques to try with nursing.  Most importantly, Dalia was a listening ear.  She never made me feel embarrassed for the things I worried about, in fact she made me realize that it was perfectly normal to feel the way I did and helped put my mind at ease and made me feel like a wonderful mom!"
Christina, Gentle Mother

Postpartum Support

"Our family was fortunate enough to have Dalia be our doula as we welcomed our second son.  Dalia came to our house, prepared delicious spaghetti and helped me with things that I didn’t even realize I needed!  She straightened up my older son’s toys and tried to make him feel special.  When he made his preference clear for Mommy, she gently faded herself to take care of the baby so I could spend time with him.  Dalia was more than willing to feed our baby, so I could read books with my older son.  When things were quieter, she listened to my struggles.  She was non-judgmental and shared her opinions in a respectful way.  I didn’t know what a postpartum doula was until I met Dalia, and looking back on our experience, I’m so grateful she came at such an exciting yet overwhelming time for our family.  Other families would be lucky to have her assistance!"
Cindi, Dedicated Mother

Postpartum Support

"I am thrilled to write this letter in support of my former birth client.  Dalia is a very caring and nurturing person.  Her experience as a teacher for a decade, combined with her experience as a nanny, tells me that she is someone who has sought a path in caring professions before.  Obviously, what is most important is her role as mother.  When we worked together during her pregnancy, she was very dedicated to the research and work she felt was helpful.  While in labor, she trusted her instincts and found her way through a long and challenging birth.  I believe Dalia will be wonderful at helping other new moms find their inner wisdom and learn to trust it.  I have had the pleasure of seeing her as a mother via pictures and meetings and she's a fantastic and devoted caretaker of her own family…I just know she will be equally terrific at helping other new families get off to the very best start."
Kim, Kind Mother

Dalia's Attentive Birth Doula 

"I highly recommend Dalia for several reasons: 
1.)  Her compassion and knowledge in all phases of female care, 
child development, enrichment and her true concern for health.
2.)  Her devotion to the betterment of family and their care for each other.
3.)  Her understanding of nutrition and the importance of proper eating.
4.)  Her ability to teach dancing and exercising for the improvement of health.
5.)  Her natural love for humankind and her ability to work with young and old, with no problem.
I cannot say enough about Dalia's ability and heartfelt concern for mother's to be...new moms...and all the men and boys who are part of the circle of life."

Marion, Sweet Mother

Compassionate Cousin

A Very Special Note
"Our daughter Jennifer is so caring and nurturing, we can see why she chose to become a postpartum doula.  Very educated in pregnancy and the challenging stages of labor, Jennifer was determined to have a natural birth, each time.  It was her dream. 
She had an amazing support team behind her, as well as her dance background.  Jennifer had arduous labors, but maintained her focus and danced her way through each contraction, with each magnificent birth!  So creative and so loved, she is our angel from above.  First in May, then years later in March and June, her three, tiny, blessed bundles appeared.
Watching her with her children, has brought us the greatest joy.  A mother, teacher, dancer, now doula; each passion, equally close to her heart. 

Jennifer has been known to consistently offer 110%, to all.  She is a wonderful mom, so loving and patient.  We are so proud of the mother she has become.  As teacher, we admire her.  As dancer, we applaud her.  As doula, we commend her.
As our daughter, we give thanks...you will, too!"

Beautiful Mother

"Many thanks to all of those, who have shared their lovely thoughts with me."
Much love, Dalia

(Dalia's birth name is Jennifer.  Dalia is a professional stage name and has become somewhat of an endearing nickname, in other circles!)