Dance With Dalia, LLC was lovingly created by “Dalia," over 10 years ago!  Dalia's birth name is Jennifer.  Dalia is a professional stage name and has become somewhat of an endearing nickname, in other circles!  Dance With Dalia, LLC was initially created locally, in an effort to empower and heal the female spirit. 

Dance With Dalia, LLC has also sought to dazzle children everywhere; utilizing the magic of music and dance!

Since becoming a mother to three beautiful sweet peas, Dalia's life and purpose has changed immensely.  

Dalia had the great fortune of having the most beautiful, encouraging midwife and most supportive birth doula present, during the birth of her first baby boy.  The wondrous love that was offered to Dalia, prenatally and postpartum, inspired her to enter this glorious field.  Dalia's lovely doula trainer also served, as great inspiration. 

Having offered prenatal and postnatal support, assistance relating to newborn care, feeding strategies and loving advice to friends and family, Dalia decided it was time to seek certification in this extraordinary field.  

She headed to New York to begin work on her DONA certification, as a Postpartum Doula; enrolling in a three day postpartum workshop, comprised of 27 hours.  Dalia continued on with her studies; gained CPR certification, read countless birth / postpartum related materials, constructed field essays and achieved a lactation study program score of 97.  Dalia happily began offering postpartum service hours to local families and proudly gained certification as a Postpartum Doula, through DONA. 

​​Dalia is currently working with New Jersey moms and their families; serving Morris and Sussex County, affectionately offering postpartum support, immediately after birth, up to twelve weeks.  Treating the family as an evolving unit, while nurturing and empowering each individual member, is Dalia's heartfelt mission. 

Notably, in addition to being a seasoned Doula, Dalia is also a Professional Dancer, Instructor, Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Educator!  She offers gentle, public and private dance lessons to magnificent women residing in Morris and Sussex County. 

Looking for a beautiful way to prepare for childbirth? You may want to consider dancing through labor; a unique program, created by Dalia, entitled, SHIM-ME FOR BIRTH. ®  

As a mom of three rainbow babies,
Dalia also offers gentle, meditative, empathic dance classes, specializing in healing through pregnancy loss.

Dance With Dalia, LLC has provided dynamic, dance instruction to; families, women of all ages...children of all ages, brides to be, libraries, day care centers, schools, dance studios, yoga studios, community centers, corporate facilities and wedding venues, throughout Northern New Jersey for over fifteen years; Adult, American Cabaret Belly Dance & Fitness Classes; SHIM-ME. ® 

Cabaret simply refers to a form of theatrical entertainment; involving the elements of music and dance!  This ​trademarked program
promotes joy and unity; a dance for women by women!​  SHIM-ME ® stands for;
Self-Love, Healing, Intuitiveness, Motivation,
Movement & Empowerment.

Since the age of five, Dalia has remained captivated by her dance and performance training; joyfully studying musical theater, ballet, tap and international dance.  Dalia has had the privilege of studying with some of the finest and most talented of dance professionals.  Dalia has also had the honor of instructing the ancient art form of family, friendly American Cabaret Belly Dance, to hundreds of wonderful women. 

Performing as a Professional Dancer, at countless venues and restaurants in New Jersey and New York has brought Dalia great delight!  But, Dalia is most happy when she is instructing and performing at family events and children's birthday parties! 

Dalia's most requested DANCE, SHINE & RHYME ® (MUSICAL THEATER TIME)       and MAGIC CARPET EVENTS are dazzling!       Her influential classes and enthusiastic events are embraced by local moms and children throughout all of New Jersey!

Note! MAGIC CARPET EVENTS consist of: a sparkling, BIRTHDAY performance by Dalia   and group sing-along, divine dance lesson with props and coin belts, a sweet craft and free gift for the birthday girl or boy!  All ages are welcome!

In addition to her accomplishments as a life long dancer, Dalia also holds a certification in elementary education; majoring in English Literature, minoring in Theater; teaching children, in a classroom setting for over a decade.

​   ​Dalia's Story                                                                            


Classes & Events! 

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Currents Workshops:


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Previous Performances,

Class & Event Locations:

Lafayette Grill Restaurant

Marakesh Restaurant

Mediterranea Restaurant

Being in Balance Wellness Center 

Dream Dance Studio

Flipped Dog Yoga Studio

Morristown YMCA

Nutley Elks

Chatham Library

Cedar Grove Library

Mountain Lakes Library

Glen Ridge School District

Upper Montclair School District Union School District

Scotch Plains Adult School

Westfield Adult School

Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub

Sparta Books

Sparta Avenue Stage

Wharton Fire Department

Countless Birthday Parties,

Family Events, Weddings &

Dance Lessons for Children & Adults



We bring the world of storytelling and musical theater to you!  Our mission?  Fostering a love of the arts, while promoting a stronger sense of self; one that shines ever so brightly!​

Our fun-loving, interactive program is  so very unique; elements of charming storytelling, theatrical vocal expression, creative choreography coupled with action packed nursery rhymes and crafting...all in one celebratory class or event!                                                                                
Exposing children to literature and the arts is beautifully beneficial on so many, unspeakable levels.  Boys and girls, of all ages, agree!  Please note, Dalia always arrives in a spectacular costume!

Dalia is a local business owner, professional, lifelong dancer and instructor of over fifteen years! Dalia is also a certified teacher of over a decade! 

Parents, Libraries, Day Care Centers, Schools, Dance Studios, Yoga Studios and Local Community Centers!


(MUSICAL THEATER TIME) EVENT FACTS:                                 Are your events interactive?

Yes, they are energetic, educational and cheerful; 45 minutes in length.
How much does a party or event cost?
Our rates include; $350.00 for Morris & Sussex County, $450.00 for other counties.
Do you perform for large audiences?
Yes, we do...with exuberance!

Our classes and events are booking faster than ever!  Contact Dalia today!


How long is each individual class?
Our classes are 45 minutes in length and every minute is packed with cheer!
What are your session options?
Our class sessions can be customized;

8 weeks or 4 weeks.

Ages 2 to 4, 5 to 8 and 9 to 12.

What are your enrollment fees?
There is a one time registration fee.
We charge $15.00 per class.

Where are your locations?
Our current sessions are building throughout New Jersey!
How do I sign up, my sweet pea?
Kindly, email Dalia your scanned enrollment form or bring your enrollment form and payment

(cash or check) to your child's first class; daliadancing@hotmail.com
A $35.00 returned check fee will be issued...so sorry, no refunds. 

Schedule your FREE DEMO, today!

"Dalia's classes and events wholeheartedly embrace the artful world.  They are uplifting, unique and original!  Miss Dalia is pure magic!"                                                  Sussex County Mom                            Parent Testimonial

Dalia is a beloved, family performer!​​​​

A wondrous family event by Dalia

can always be customized, but often consists of; a mesmerizing, choreographed performance, a fun dance lesson with props, coin belts

and cultural her-story!                                                                             Affordable packages available!             Book your enchanting, family event today; chidlren's parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings   and so much more!                         

Dance With Dalia, LLC

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