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Elementary Tutoring Sessions

Hello Parents & Students,

My name is Miss Jennifer and it is so nice to meet you.

As a certified, seasoned teacher, I have twenty joyful years of teaching experience, inside and outside of the classroom.

Instilling a love of learning, while creating a calming, inspiring environment is my mission.

During these challenging times, I have chosen to virtually lend a caring hand. 

Currently, I am tutoring elementary level students, ages 3 to 10, in the area of language arts.

Helping homeschooling families especially, brings me great joy! 

I am a mama who homeschools her three sweet peas and have done so for nearly ten years!

If homeschooling is something you are thinking of permanently exploring,

I can also help your family map out a plan, regarding all of the commonly discussed topics;

personal homeschooling philosophy, daily plans, curriculum, socialization, enrichment, leveled assessments and so much more!

Certified to teach preschool through eighth grade, I embrace a whole child approach to facilitated learning.

I hold a bachelor's degree in English Literature and have a deep love of reading and creative writing. 

Several years ago, I had the joy of creating a children's book and it is currently in circulation!

As a teacher and mom, 
I love the beauty of learning, the beauty of nature and the beauty of food.

I enjoy cooking and baking with my children, daily! 

My family and I also love singing and dancing together, while tending to our studies.

I own a dance business and do believe that the performing arts, infinitely offer beautiful pathways to endless learning!  

As an educator, I am so looking forward to our learning adventure, together!

Kindly call, text or email to schedule your child's tutoring session, today!

973-699-7374 or

Budget friendly...first session is free...success guaranteed!