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J.T. Grazie (The J. stands for Jennifer!)

In the year 2000, Jennifer graduated from college.  She received high honors.  Her major was English Literature, with a minor in Theater Arts.  Jennifer went on to becoming an elementary school teacher for a decade.  It was a wondrous chapter in her life.  After that, Jennifer resumed her experience, focusing on tutoring students in the areas of reading, writing and grammar; along with being hired as an editor and copyrighter.  Adding ten more years to her experience as an educator, Jennifer has been homeschooling her three children!  

Jennifer is so very passionate and career driven.

Her intent has always been to inspire others through the magic of writing.  With Jennifer's vast experience and well-rounded expertise, she believes she can assist all people and businesses, reach their highest potential. 

Contact Jennifer today if you are interested in hiring her for your freelance, copywriting, editing and SEO needs.  More writing samples available, upon request!