"Mermaids On The Move & Pirates, Too" (TM)

Events & Instruction







is searching for mini-mermaids, 

mini-mermen & pirates to join her

in the sea of music & dance! 


"Mermaids On The Move

& Pirates, Too," (TM)

Parties & Classes ​

are like no other! 

Elements of singing, (original songs), traditional, multicultural dance,

creative movement, prop usage, instrument exploration, dress up

and crafting...all in one celebratory

class session or event! 

Boys and girls will delight in Dalia's teachings; a certified educator

of over a decade and dance instructor of over fifteen


Exposing children to multicultural education is beautifully beneficial on so many levels!  Ideally, when all cultures come together through dance and other mediums; peace, joy and harmony can ensue!

What a wonderful world!


Parents, Libraries, Schools, Universities, Dance Studios, Athletic Clubs & 

Community Centers!

Dance With Dalia, LLC

Proudly Offers:

Customized Class Sessions; 

first class is free and sessions are flexible!

Multicultural Assemblies;
highly affordable pricing;

we work with every budget!

Multiple school discounts are also available!

Contact Dalia for more details!

(Our spring session offerings

are booking faster than ever! 

Call today!

* Preschool Parent Testimonials *

"Mermaids On The Move & Pirates, Too (TM) is such a lovely class

for small children!"

"Dalia's assemblies wholeheartedly embrace multiculturalism.  They are uplifting, unique and original!

Miss Dalia is pure magic!"

Dalia is also a beloved, family performer!​​​​
A wondrous event by Dalia can always be customized, but often 

consists of; a choreographed performance, a dance lesson with props, cultural her-story and shimmies of fun!

Contact Dalia to
book your Family Event;

Enchanting, Family Events; 

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers,

Weddings and Children's

Birthday Parties.

Affordable packages available!

* Adult Student Testimonials *

"Dalia's classes have united my body with my mind and spirit!"


"Dalia beautifully pairs fitness with tradition...so much more than

just a dance class!  I left my inhibitions at the door and you should, too!"



Dazzling Women Everywhere! 

​​Pack a dance bag!  Fill it with passion, 

a coin belt and dance slippers!

Dance with Dalia, today!

It will transform your spirit and

ignite your femininity!

​​Local, Class Schedule:​
"Introduction To Egyptian Dance!"
Feminine & Fearless.

Enchanting & Empowering.
Join us for local

Adult Dance / Fitness Classes! 

(Class schedules

and locations, soon to be added!)

​​​The mystical world of Egyptian Dance awaits your presence!  

Dalia's classes are rooted in traditional technique, joyful choreography, prop usage, relaxation and meditation!
However, the desired elements of;

cardio fitness, postural awareness, 
core stabilization, muscle

endurance and overall strength, are also a large part of Dalia's instructional sessions!

Pregnant Moms, New Moms

& Lovely Women Everywhere:
Contact Dalia today, if you are interested in having; private or small group, gentle,

Dance Lessons,

Labor / Birth Readiness

Dance Lessons


Private Dance Lessons 

in your home!

Dancing from the far east has long
been associated with fertility and birth throughout history, it is safe and beneficial for labor and birth!

The hypnotic benefits of this ancient art form; hip circles and figure eights,  just to name a few, deeply served both of my deliveries.  Now postpartum,
Egyptian Dancing continues to strengthen my mind, body and spirit connection!

"Bangles & Birth," (TM)

​is a treasured,

Travelling Dance Program 

created by Dalia;

offering dance lessons to;

pregnant moms, new moms and all women, residing in Essex, Morris

and Sussex County.

Please note, having suffered through three miscarriages, Dalia has lovingly created a class for women seeking healing through pregnancy loss.

Dalia, a seasoned Dance Instructor of over 15 years, certified Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Educator would be honored to assist you in your journey through dance.

Dance With Dalia, LLC 
"Dance Instruction

Paired With Doula Support"


Dance With Dalia ~ Multicultural Dancer