(Updated!) Dance With Dalia, LLC

"Mermaids On The Move," Events & Instruction


Children, Ages 1 to 6!


MINI-MERMEN to join her in the sea of music & dance



are like no other! Elements of singing, traditional dance, international

dance, dress up & art...all in one celebratory event!

Parents, Libraries & Community Centers!

Contact Dalia for scheduling

and package options!

Dalia is also a beloved, family performer!​​​​
A wondrous event by Dalia can always be customized, 
but often consists of;

a choreographed performance,

a belly dancing lesson with props

cultural her-story and shimmies of fun!

Enchanting, Family Events 
Bridal Showers
Baby Showers
Children's Birthday Parties
Celebrations Honoring Women

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book your Family Event, today!

​Affordable packages, available!


Dazzling Women Everywhere! 

​​Pack a dance bag!

Fill it with passion, 

a coin belt and dance slippers!

Dance with Dalia, today!

It will transform your spirit

and ignite your femininity!

​​Local, Class Schedule:​
Introduction to Belly Dance!

Feminine & Fearless.

Enchanting & Empowering."
Join us for

Adult, Belly Dance Classes

with a Mermaid Flare!

(Winter Hiatus!)

Our Glorious, Professional Troupe,

"Dancers Under the Blazing Sunset,"

soon to be performing at a local venue near you; lighting up the dance floor; embodying sheer, fiery joy!

​​​The mystical world of Belly Dance awaits your presence!  Belly Dancing has long

been associated with fertility and birth throughout history, it is safe and beneficial for labor and birth.

All class styles taught by Dalia are rooted in; traditional technique, joyful choreography, prop usage, delicate stretching, relaxaton and meditation!

The hypnotic benefits of this ancient art form; hip circles and figure eights,  just to name a few, deeply served both of my deliveries.  Now postpartum,

Belly Dancing continues to strengthen my mind, body and spirit connection!

Pregnant Moms, New Moms

& Lovely Women Everywhere:
Contact Dalia today,

if you are interested in having;

private or small group, gentle,

Belly Dance Lessons,

Labor / Birth Readiness

Belly Dance Lessons


Meditative, Chair

Belly Dance Lessons 

in your home!

​"Bangles & Birth,"

​is a treasured, travelling program created by Dalia;

offering belly dance lessons to;

pregnant moms, 

new moms and all women,

residing in Essex and Sussex County.

Please note,

Dalia is a seasoned

Dance Instructor of over 16 years

and certified Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Educator!

Dance With Dalia, LLC 
"Dance Instruction

Paired With Doula Support"